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Falls & Nyhusmoen Construction, Inc.(FNC) was founded in 1982 by Donald Falls and Sid Nyhusmoen.  Both gentlemen have since retired and today there are two co-owners of the company:  John Henle and Dennis Hjort.  

As specialists, Falls & Nyhusmoen offers customers  many benefits traditional contractors cannot provide as effectively.  FNC has the ability to work while the customer continues their daily activities.  This takes accurate timing, innovative techniques, sometimes odd work hours, and always the ability to work as part of a team with owners and architects.  

One of the most important advantages we offer is our experience.  Construction firms that take on a project in our field without sufficient experience can encounter many aesthetic and structural problems that are totally unlike those found in tradition construction.  The fixes for these problems can be very expensive.  Even if the contractor absorbs the costs of the solutions, time is lost and the customer suffers.  Falls & Nyhusmoen's experience and knowledge help eliminate hidden costs for the customer.

Although we focus on alterations and additions, the scope of our services within these areas is unlimited.  We will work directly with you or your architect in any mode you prefer, whether it be a negotiated contract, stipulated sum contract, cost plus, or if we are your construction manager.